For those who choose to expand the places of artistic representation
A purveyor of experience, of memory.
A platform for exchange and reflection.
To …
Rise above our daily paths
Make them known to others
Discover true experiences
Create a communication network of competences
Establish our differences in richness

The CITI was initiated by a cosmopolitan company, emblematic of travelling street theatre : the Footsbarn Travelling Theatre. The first meeting organised by the CITI at the end of 1999 gathered more than 30 companies under the name ‘Travelling theatres’ as well as the ‘Companions of the road’ : friends, guests, associates, local partners, technicians and researchers. Soon after this event, the CITI created other professional meetings, a printed publication, an Internet site…. Following a year of reflection, CITI redefined its missions and functions to allow the activity to follow its rapid development on the principle of a democratic and participative functionality, the new association emerged in Brussels during the Constituent Assembly on the 15th and 16th April 2002.

Today CITI has around sixty travelling companies as well as around ten ‘Companions of the road’ as active members. A professional organisation and a network of people at the same time, CITI is supported by the french Ministry of Culture and Communication. Furthermore, CITI is a member of Ufisc (Cultural Structures’ Federal union of intervention) and as members they signed the manifesto “For another economy of art and culture”. CITI works in partnership with HorsLesMurs (French national information centre for street arts and circus arts) and Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de Création (Circus Creation Trade Union). CITI regularly organizes meetings about travelling theatre, exchange times grouping performing arts professionals, politicians, architects, researchers, sociologists, journalists, administrators, curious, …


Travelling theatres are mobile structures for creation and diffusion of performing arts.

The CITI travelling theatre companies are professional and directed by an artistic team. They choose to share their work with the public by use of a “mobile structure” [4] The companies use these structures and adapt them according to their artistic choice, scenery, itinerary and style of life. Whatever the form, it allows them to set up in public spaces that are not necessarily equiped for performing arts.

Travelling theatre companies are associated with the ‘Companions of the road’ and together they defend the values of the charter that are to :

  • Share more than just their performance but also an invitation to enter into their universe.
  • Promote the whole theatrical procedure, from its initial concept right up to it becoming accessible to the public.
  • Offer a special relationship with the public and establish a link and a mutual hospitality with the local inhabitants who receive them.
  • Assure, thanks to their equipment, a constant quality of presentation whatever the structure and the site that accommodates them.
  • Encourage versatility between members of the groups and affirm the need for longevity in their collaboration.
  • Question the different political and artistic landscapes by participating to their cultural development as well as contributing to the democratisation and artistic decentralisation.
  • Claim a social solidarity economy.
  • Develop international exchange and break frontiers, be them geographical, artistic, economic or political.
  • Build bonds and links between the different compagnies and encourage diversity, exchange and the sharing of experience.
  • Inscribe their travels in the continuity of the story of all travelling theatres.